Not all of our awards submissions are written on behalf of architects and landscape architects. In early 2018, we were contacted by ecological sustainability design consultants EcoResults who, in partnership with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), had plans to submit a St Kilda-based Office of Housing rooming house upgrade for consideration in the 2018 Premier’s Sustainability Awards.

In late-August 2018, EcoResults and DHHS were notified of their success as finalists in the Environmental Justice category. The Elenara Rooming House Upgrade typifies the spirit of the category, delivering social and environmental inclusion outcomes for some of the Department's most at-risk tenants. This project was a major turning point for socially and ecologically sustainable, heritage-sensitive, and government-led, building practice in Victoria. It was also a feat of complex stakeholder coordination, with architects, engineers, builders, technical consultants, community housing managers and public servants working together to achieve a multiplicity of benefits.

To craft compelling and accurate submissions for Government and Environmental Justice awards categories, we conducted in-depth research and interviews with key project stakeholders, including the awards’ governance consultants at Arup. Our team’s unique combination of experience working in not-for-profits, publishing, journalism, and design gave us a decided advantage in managing the speed and complexity of this task.

We congratulate DHHS and EcoResults on their shortlisting and look forward to the awards announcements in mid-October.

Faced with tight timeframes, we navigated complex criteria and inputs from multiple stakeholders to deliver this shortlisted awards submission.

“Verity and her team researched and put together a world class award submission within an impossible timeframe.”

Samuel Thomson, EcoResults

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