Despite an enviable CV that included a period working for Shigeru Ban Architects in Tokyo, Anthony Clarke of BLOXAS was searching for direction when we first met. Drawn to the intimacy of residential architecture, yet yearning to expand his practice potential, he engaged our services to help realise his true business purpose and point of difference, in what he felt was an increasingly crowded and homogenous architectural landscape.

We helped consider BLOXAS’ unique appeal, and from where Clarke’s true passion for architecture was derived. With a new website proposed to take advantage of his sensory-based design canon, we encouraged him to be bold. This would be an exercise in assisting Clarke towards a position where he would be able to reject comfortable but, ultimately, unrewarding projects for BLOXAS in order to make room for purpose-driven commissions. The eventual brand strategy and new website, by U-P, proved true to the sensory nature of the practice’s work and was unique in the marketplace.

During this time, we also assisted Clarke to develop partnerships with mission-aligned organisations, such as Dementia Australia, to collaborate on more experimental projects, including Sound Field, which pushed the boundaries of architecture and helped propel BLOXAS into their desired architectural niche. The project was shortlisted in the AIA Victoria Chapter Awards.

Clarke was featured in a timely long-form article that ran in The Saturday Paper.


Clarke's new practice "manifesto" featured in "Design for wellbeing in healthy houses", The Saturday Paper

“If anything is to change, we have to go deeper. Otherwise we’re just feeding the beast and building for money and Instagram.”

Anthony Clarke, The Saturday Paper

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