Business-savvy and with a strong appreciation for the value of marketing and leveraging existing and emerging networks, Bijl Architecture Director Melonie Bayl-Smith commissioned us to re-evaluate practice communications and the writing and distribution of monthly newsletters. The campaigns would aim to avoid traditional “architecture speak”, in an effort to bridge the gap between Bijl Architecture and its target clients.

As a first exercise, we undertook an investigation into Bijl Architecture’s core purpose. By uncovering the practice’s motivations and point of difference, we developed a roadmap for regular communications that would serve to reinforce brand values in relatable terms, and help to propel the business towards its more strategic operational goals.

Newsletter campaigns have been carefully planned and monitored, with regular analysis of statistics and structural tweaks made to improve connection with the readership and grow the practice’s online following.

The result has been a more coordinated and data-driven approach to managing Bijl Architecture’s outward-facing communications. Practice newsletters paint an authentic and proactive picture of staff contributions and its director’s leadership capacity, and has helped communicate a business with clear aspirations to lead as an example of best practice.


Monthly newsletters are planned to consistently and compellingly communicate business values and strategic objectives.

"VCC offer empowerment, experience and expertise, shifting our communications from fair to fabulous!"

Melonie Bayl-Smith, BIJL Architecture

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