We recently enjoyed a tour of the Robin Boyd Foundation’s Walsh Street House (Boyd House II) in South Yarra, where our host opened a short talk with this statement:

“Robin Boyd is one of Australia’s most notable architects, and his prominence is due not only to his exceptional design skills, but his ability to communicate exceptionally well.”

Great architect, great communicator. We too believe that communications – presenting the value of a practice or project in a compelling way for the audience – is essential work (that is under realised). The following practices and firms show us how they’ve done their marketing a little differently, and we hope it inspires you to be creative with your communications and delivery in 2019. 


UNStudio – Social media as a post-occupancy monitor

Internationally recognised architecture and research firm UNStudio not only post great content on their social channels, they also use Instagram’s geolocations to get a real understanding of how people move within and interact in their spaces. This is a new and clever approach to post-occupancy, and makes use of the public’s perspective of a space.

A widget on their homepage displays photos by Instagram users, showing just how diversely each project is used and how they truly come alive with public and or private use.


Valé Architects – Instagram Design Guide

As you might have read on the VCC blog, Scott Valentine of Valé Architects created an Instagram Design Guide for clients and peers to better understand how social media can impact the architecture, marketing, and financial success of hospitality venues.

This was a clever marketing exercise (Dezeen picked the guide up, and Valé haven’t even completed a project yet!), and shows the firm looks beyond the work they do, to how people will interact with their projects in the digital era.


Beulah International – Southbank by Beulah design competition

Relatively new development group Beulah International dominated Australia’s architectural and mainstream news in mid 2018. Beulah ran a design competition and invited international architects to partner with local firms on their bids.

Beulah leveraged influential international and local architects’ digital communities to announce and bolster their own profile. This is a great strategy when launching a practice or project; tap into existing audiences with similar interests, and engage directly with prospective clients or peers.


NEVER TOO SMALL – Reimagining small spaces video series

Architecture is an extremely visual discipline, therefore video is a choice medium for sharing a project’s story.

NEVER TOO SMALL is the passion project of Melbourne video agency New Mac. The YouTube series features architects and designers talking about their ideas, philosophies and stories behind their designs.

Most architects now use social media to share renders, sketches and photos of their finished works, but few are sharing videos, which bring viewers in to experience the spaces they design. How could you incorporate video into your project communications plan?


IF_DO – Great about page copy

IF_DO architects in the UK caught our eye for spelling out ‘why’ they work.

So often, architects about pages share who the practice is led by, how many staff work in their studios, the locations, and sectors they work within. It’s wonderful to read an about section that details their story as a practice, what they love doing, and why.


Your about page is your prospective clients’ first impression of you. What do you want to share with them? Maybe it’s time for a refresh.

The infamous Southbank by Beulah winning concept, and Vále Architects’ Instagram Design Guide.

If_Do studio life as photographed by Mike Massaro.