Verity Campbell Communications is overjoyed to be working with Open House Melbourne in 2019.

Like Open House Melbourne, we work to communicate the value of architecture and its impact on our lives. We’re excited to work with Emma, Victoria, Brianna and all those who contribute to Open House on a program that gives so much to Melbourne and architecture as a profession.

Open House Melbourne is an independent organisation that fosters public appreciation for architecture and public engagement in the future of our cities.

The organisation does this through the much-loved Open House Weekend in Melbourne, Ballarat and now Bendigo, where tens of thousands of people come out to celebrate architecture and the city. Increasingly, Open House Melbourne are tackling big city topics through major public talks, tours, and debates, producing over 50+ special events that are designed to build a groundswell of interest in critical issues for the city.

By empowering people with knowledge around the impact of good design decisions in our built environment, Open House Melbourne aims to ensure Victoria—and its capital city—remains a liveable and vibrant place now and in the future.