In 2019, Verity Campbell Communications will expand its offering to include social media services for architects and designers.

Earlier this year, we welcomed Celeste to the team to direct and manage our social media activity. Having a social media professional dedicated to social communications has changed the way we view the medium.

We want clients to enjoy the benefits, too. We are better connected with peers and prospective clients, our team has a lot of fun with the medium (eg, #VCCyellow), and we’re enjoying the benefits of being regularly tasked with exercising our who/what/why muscle. Social has enabled us to become more sure of who we are and where we want to go.

A recent social media case study includes work for our client Hindley and Co. We wrote a project description for their Newtown House project, which was picked up by The Design Files and published on their blog and social media.

By being able to support and leverage the TDF’s social media coverage, Hindley and Co gained over 6000 interactions on Instagram. This meant a new swath of followers for Hindley and Co’s Instagram account, new online friends in the modernist architecture scene, a celebration of the project through the builders/suppliers/contractors, happy clients, and finally, a call from a great new client who started the conversation with “I saw your project on The Design Files…”. The Design Files also appreciated the social burst of activity around their brand. Afterall, they scratched our back.

Our social media capabilities span strategy, content planning and writing, scheduling, management and reporting across all the usual suspects: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We can manage accounts within existing retaining engagements or it can be the one and only thing we do for your practice. Follow us, like us, DM us or send us an email for more information.

Thanks to The Apollo Cafe for capturing our planning meeting!