In the spirit of the MPavilion season, we picked some of our favourite pavilions from around the world for you to feast your eyes upon. These colourful and imaginative installations celebrate public design, much like Carme Pinos’ 2018 MPavilion edition.

SelgasCano are the Spanish minds behind a floating Pink vinyl platform designed for the Trienniale Bruges, an event that invites a global selection of artists and architects to produce unique temporary structures. Displayed at different points throughout the city centre, it’s hoped the constructions will “form a hospitable route that brings people together in unexpected spots”.

The same studio also created undulating forms over yellow PVC cushions spread across 1,340 square metres in a courtyard in Cognac, France. Underneath the pavilion’s rippling archways, 786 yellow PVC cushions filled with water anchor the structures to the ground while also providing places for people to sit or lie down.

In Taipei, Shen Ting Tseng Architects created a canopy made from 320 box kites, which move with the wind and appear to lift this pavilion off the ground. This temporary structure was constructed in a usually windy plaza, which prompted the box kite idea. Much like the NGV’s Summer Architecture installation, this pavilion was the winning entry to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum’s annual X-site program.

Peter Pichler’s pyramidal pavilion used 1,600 stacked wooden beams in a slightly more subdued installation for the 2018 Milan Design Week. The architect sought to highlight wood’s importance in the future of architecture, showing the “potential of wood in a non-typical environment, as a structure that should transmit a spatial experience”.

There is a gravity to pavilions that draws us in to explore. The public nature of pavilion design is what makes them so special; they are places for us all to congregate, experience, and often enjoy design and nature.