We recently guest-hosted Parlour’s Instagram feed, and posed a series of questions about some of the ubiquitous language architects, the construction industry and property professionals use that serves to undermine the place of women and marginalised groups in society. Man made. Powder room. Butler’s pantry. These were just some of the terms that attracted robust discussion and some common-sense alternatives we might all consider to help shift collective thinking. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine getting rid of an established term like “Master bedroom,” but we think Bedroom 1 is such a simple swap it’s a no-brainer.

It wasn’t all serious, though. With one visitor commenting on the evolved meaning of the powder room.

“I must say in recent years when I hear ‘I’m off to the powder room’ I immediately think someone is off to take a ‘powder’…”

Good point! Oops! ‘Main bedroom’ for me from now on @_parlour

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